Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bergen-Belsen e. V.
Chairperson: Elke von Meding
c/o Gedenkst├Ątte Bergen-Belsen
29303 Lohheide
Tel.: 05051 / 4759-0
Fax: 05051 / 4759-18

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bergen Belsen

The AG Bergen-Belsen was founded in March 1985 and is a registered society. The AG is run for the benefit of the community and is a no-profit making organisation. According to its articles of agreement, it is to contribute and to claim the location of the Memorial Bergen-Belsen as a reminder and a call to humanity and responsibility

The AG Bergen-Belsen commits itself to that the history of the Concentration Camps, especially Bergen-Belsen, is explored and documented. In addition they encourage discussion about undemocratic developments including the dangers of Neo-Nazi-Fascism at present time.

The AG Bergen-Belsen is thankful for encouragement and assistance that may be given. Anyone who wishes to contact us may reach us at:

Arbeitgemeinschaft Bergen-Belsen e.V.
c/o Gedenkst├Ątte Bergen-Belsen
29303 Lohheide
Tel no: 05051/47590

If you want to support our work by giving donations please transfer them to our bank account:
Arbeitgemeinschaft Bergen-Belsen e.V.:
Account No: 726 325 200
Hannoversche Volksbank BLZ 251 900 01
IBAN: DE17 2519 0001 0726 3252 00

Further information
Chairperson: Elke von Meding Tel. no. 05051-4008
E Mail: info@ag-bergen-belsen-de